• 3 kinds of shape  Makeup Sponge
  • 3 kinds of shape  Makeup Sponge
  • 3 kinds of shape  Makeup Sponge

3 kinds of shape Makeup Sponge

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3 kinds of shape Makeup Sponge

The Blend Baby Dual Sponge is the all-in-one beauty blending tool that allows you to get a flawless, streak-free complexion without wasting your liquid and cream products. Its dual-sided design includes a silicone sponge combined with a more traditional makeup puff so you can apply and blend with just one simple applicator. 


  • Dual-sided Unique Design:Two-sided puff combines silicone with a soft sponge to enhance your makeup routine
  • Silicone Applicator:Allows you to apply liquid and cream products without soaking up makeup
  • Soft Makeup Blending Sponge:Blends in your makeup flawlessly after it's been applied to your skin
  • Specialized Shape:Rounded edges are great for all-over blending, while the pointed edge is perfect for covering up small blemishes and reaching under-eye areas
  • Ideal for Liquid and Cream Products:Works best with foundations, primers, skincare and other cream or liquid cosmetics although the sponge side can also be used to apply powder




  • 1. For the most comfortable application, grip your Blend Baby at the curve in the middle of the puff
  • 2. Apply the liquid or cream product of choice to the silicone side of your puff
  • 3. Use this side to evenly distribute the product around your face
  • 4. Flip your Blend Baby over and lightly wet the sponge side for better results before use
  • 5. Dab the rounded edges of the sponge to blend in products on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and other large areas on your face
  • 6. To blend hard-to-reach areas around your eyes and nose or to cover up blemishes, use the pointed edge for a more precise application

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