Garlic Press

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  • Do You Want To Cut Garlic Chopping Time For Faster Cooking?
  • Then This Multi-function Garlic Chopper Is Just For You!

About the product

  • MAKE WASTING GARLIC A THING OF THE PASTIf You Hate Wasting Fresh Garlic because you throw some pieces away when you can't hold them anymore, this Garlic chopper Is PERFECT For You. The Built-In Tray Captures Everything. You use less cloves which saves you money!
  • SAVE TIME ON FOOD PREPARATION IN YOUR KITCHEN OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Could you do with less time preparing food and more time enjoying it? The Mini chopper can save you up to 30 seconds per clove. 
  • FED UP WITH SMELLY HANDS EVERY TIME YOU USE GARLIC? Why does take so long to remove the smell of Garlic from your hands? Nobody seems to know but either way, this Garlic chopper removes the need for you to worry about this. just place your clove in the press, close the lid and job done.

  • TAKES HARDLY ANY TIME TO CLEAN AND IS DISHWASHER SAFE. It’s a well-known fact that cleaning a Garlic press is time-consuming and annoying. That's the best thing about our garlic chopper. It easily comes apart and you can just place it on the top rack of the dishwasher
  • DO YOU HAVE SMALL HANDS OR SUFFER FROM ARTHRITIS? Strength is not a requirement to produce the required result with this Garlic chopper.

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