Gorgeous 17 Keys Kalimba(Great Christmas Gifts)

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  • ūüėȬ†Portable Design¬†-¬†Small size and come with a portable cloth bag for easy carrying. An excellent choice for relax, decompression, travel etc.
  • ūüėȬ†Immeadiately¬†Playable¬†-¬†Music book comes with in-tune kalimba. There¬†are¬†engraved¬†notation in tines, making it perfect finger piano for beginners and children.
  • ūüėČConfortable Feeling¬†-¬†Bending design keys are more suitable and comfortable for your fingers. You could play it more smoothly.
  • ūüėȬ†Clear and Melodious Sound¬†-Made of advanced metal tines and mahogany box. Notes¬†is¬†sustained longer steadily. The sound will be more beautiful.

Comfortable and portable

  • Material:¬†[body: Mahogany] + [keys: Carbon Steel]:The key bend design is more suitable for finger plucked so that you could play it more smoothly.
  • Dimension:¬†18.5 X 13.5 X 3.2CM:The classic box design makes it portable to travel or party.

Easy to play

You just need to use two thumbs play to make a great sound.

Stage Standard

  • With self-adhesive pickup stick, you could plug it into an amplifier, so you can¬†play with drums or a band.

Easy to tune your kalimba

  • Step 1: Find the Tuner,You can use a real tuner or download an App.
  • Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner.
  • Step 2. Tune with¬†Harmmer,Making tines longer to lower their pitch, and making them shorter to make their pitch higher.

GECKO Kalimba buy one get six includes:

  • 17 Keys Kalimba
  • Instruction Book
  • Learning Book
  • Tune Hammer
  • Tune Stickers
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Cloth Bag


  • The kalimba is in tune when we sell it. We suggest you not tune it when you get it.

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