Magic Hangers Closet Space Saving

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Wonder Hanger Max is a new way to take advantage of the existing closet or storage space that you have. Rather than trying to fit all of your winter clothes or your hangers in one small space, use this unit to triple what you have available. Start hanging your items vertically, not horizontally. Drop down the items in a layered fashion so that you can see them all easily. Getting dressed has never been easier.


  • Increase Space:You can increase your closet space.
  • Organize Space:You can keep your clothes organized.
  • Increase Storage:You can avoid storage issues when you are downsizing, living in an apartment, or have a small closet space.
  • Store Seasonal:You can easily store your seasonal items.
  • Remove Clothes Easily:The open design makes it easy to take things on or off.
  • Triple Existing Space:The unit is guaranteed to triple the amount of space you have to keep all your clothes easy and organized.

How to Use

  1. Place:Place your garments on their hanger and place the hangers into the open slots.
  2. Lift and Release:Lift and release the front edge of the hanger.
  3. Watch:Watch as all of your hangers and clothing simply stack straight up and down without a crowded mess. See it triple the amount of closet space you now have.


  • Strong: It is so strong that it can support things like golf clubs!
  • Double up:You can double up with two hangers and two garments per slot which will allow you to store 12 items with one unit.
  • More Efficiency:You can make better use of even shallow closet space.
  • Patented Technology:The wonder hanger has a patented open mouth slot where you can hold up to six garments in one space.
  • Easy Access:The rotating swivel hook also means that you have easier access to all of the items you hang on any individual hanger.

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