Snore Silencer

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  • Waking up in the middle of the night with the person next to you snoring is the stuff of nightmares...
  • For a partner that doesn't react to a subtle nudge there is only one solution.
  • Introducing the Snore Silencer!

About Product

  • SLEEP QUIETLY Our Anti Snoring Devices are designed to stop snoring fast and in a simple way. Just insert the vent into the nostrils and sleep quietly. When placed inside the nostrils correctly, maximize airflow through the nasal passage ways. You should notice immediate results of being able to inhale deeper due to passageways being opened.
  • HEALTHY BREATHING: This Snore Stopper also with Air Purifier Filter can anti PM2.5 and haze at indoor protection.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The Anti Snoring Devices is made with soft, medical grade silicone. It's designed to stay firmly in the nostrils, forming a perfect seal and the soft silicone gives you a comfortable feeling.
  • EASY USE: Simply insert the vent into the nostril and sleep quietly. Effective to stop nose snoring. Snoring may disturb sleep for the snorer and people around them, causing daytime sleepiness, reduced mental alertness and relationship issues.
  • PACKAGE: A reusable case to keep the nose vents clean and free of dust. Also perfect companion as a travel case.Beautiful packaging. It can also be a gift!

Liberate yourself from everyday snoring and becomemore productive at work.

  • Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone that is Soft and Comfortable to Sleep with.
  • Main benefit: Improved breathing & a better night sleep, but our vents also help to reduce the symptoms of dry mouth, sore throat & headache.
  • Whether you are struggling to sleep because of your snoring or whether it is due to a partner's snoring, it is important to take action!

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